Cake decorating kits for beginner
Cake decorating kits for beginner
inside the box,100 pcs of decorating tools
100 pcs Cake decorating kits for beginner

Cake Decorating Kit (100 pieces)

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100 pcs cake decorating kits

Decorating comes easy and you can decorate like a pro now with this 100pcs cake decorating kit.  This extraordinary 100-piece cake decorating set will enable your imagination to come to life as it provides the basis for limitless ornamenting from the most basic to the most advanced through its assorted decorating materials.
Follow the simple instruction in the booklet and use your imagination to make a variety of impressive creations that will delight your family and friends. The set will provide you with the basis for limitless decorating from fun to elegant. 

Good for Beginner who wants to learn how to decorate a cake

Material: Food-grade plastic
Package: As shown in the picture.

  • The kit includes:
    • 15 Icing bags
    • 3 profile icing knife
    • Letter stencils
    • Letter holder
    • Heart stencil
    • "C" stencil
    • Vine/Swag stencil
    • Fleur-de-lis stencil
    • Wooden flower nail
    • Applicator
    • Bag retainer ring
    • Petal tip, ribbon basket tip, round tip, star tip, left tip, flower tip, grass hair tip, universal coupler
    • FREE Plastic storage box
    • Instructions book with decorating ideas