butterfly Silicone Mold
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butterfly Silicone agar agar Mold
butterfly agar agar mould

Butterfly Agar Agar Mold

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3D Butterfly Agar Agar Mold

This Silicone mould/mold can be used for baking mini cake or make some hello kitty jello,pudding,konnyaku jelly, mousse desserts,chocolate or even use as a bread mould. Place your bread dough and bake it.

❤ Made of 100% food-grade silicone
❤ Our silicone molds are flexible, easy to de-mold and clean;
❤ Molds are safe in oven, freezer, and microwave safe but they are not to be placed on an open flame
❤ Great for making cake, muffin, mooncake, mousse cake, agar-agar, jelly, pudding,konnyaku jelly, chocolate, candies, or as ice tray and etc.

Butterfly Silicone Mould