Rilakkuma Silicone Mould, sushi mould
Rilakkuma Silicone Mould, sushi mould

Rilakkuma sandwich mold

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Rilakkuma sandwich mold

Spend some close bonding time together and create a fun looking Bento, chocolate, jello, custard pudding, sushi or even hard-boiled egg together.  You can use this as sushi mould to create Rilakkuma Bento or use it as a mould to shape a hard-boiled egg into a cute bear head, add some jello, chocolate or custard to create jello or pudding for your kids. They will definitely love it. If you are creative enough, use it as a cake pop mould too.  Let's get started and get crafty to make cooking, baking more fun.

Hand wash with a soft sponge/cloth only.

To use as hard-boiled egg mould:
1) Place a hot & peeled hard-boiled egg in the mould, and slowly & firmly close the lid & snap. 
2) Put the mould in ice-cold water or chill in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
3) Open the lid of the mould & ta-da.... gently remove and take out the Rilakkuma shaped egg! 

To use as sushi mould:
1) Cook sushi rice according to your recipe.
2) Press sushi rice into the mould and close the lid and snap firmly.
3) Let it sit inside the mould for 10 mins. Open the lid and gently drop them or push them out.
4) Create the bear's feature using nori seaweed and sliced cheese and decorate accordingly.