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dough scraper plastic
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Dough Scraper Frosting Scraper Plastic

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Dough Scraper Frosting Scraper Plastic

A dough scraper is used to remove congealed bread dough, hardened chocolate, or any other kind of wet, dry, or sticky stuff from a counter or pastry board. 

A straight blade Cake scraper can be used to smooth your cake,  to level a cup of flour, tighten a log of cookie dough in parchment paper, to cut bread dough or (absent an offset spatula) level batter in a sheet pan.
A rectangular / triangle saw blade scraper is used to decorate your cakes. 
The different blade comes with different gear shape, you can create a variety of different cake styles. 

Dough scraper is a basic tool for all home and professional bakers.

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