Bear cheesecake pan or mousse cake.
cheesecake pan Bear shaped with stencils
bear shaped cheesecake pan

Cheesecake Ring Mousse Pan Bear-shaped

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Bear Cheesecake Mousse Ring Pan

This cute stainless steel mousse Ring can be used to make non-bake cheesecake pan or mousse cake. Ideal for creating Mouse cake, cheesecake, agar-agar(Jello) or any desserts.
An excellent choice for baking, layering, and molding of Cheese Cake or Fruit Tart.
It can also be used as a ring for cake cutters. Easy to clean too.

Package: 1 Bear Mousse Ring + 1 Bear Stencil.

Tips: Bake your sponge cake. Slice and cut out 2 pieces of the bear shape using this mould. Place 1st layer of the cake inside the mould, pipe in your mousse / cheesecake recipe followed by 2nd layer of cake into the mould. Chill it. Then decorate with chocolate using the stencil as a guide. 

This cute mousse ring is ideal for non-bake cheesecake pan or mousse cake.