Egg Separator
Egg Separator

Easy Egg yolk and Egg white Separator

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Egg Separator

Separating eggs can be sometimes very messy. Whether you use the drip-through-the-fingers method or the pour-from-shell-to-shell method, it’s rather a sticky business. Now with this egg separator, separating egg whites from egg yolk is no longer a mess to you. 
Using a simple suction method, it neatly and quickly extracts the yolk from the egg white, leaving your hands clean and no mess or dripping egg whites trailing on the counter.
No more wastage, no more mess. Separating eggs seems so simple now with this egg separator. 

How it works:

1. Break the eggs gently into a bowl, being careful not to break the yolks at this early stage. You can break a bunch of eggs at a time and quickly remove the yolks all at once. Just make sure the yolks don’t overlap each other.
2. Squeeze the silicone bulb to release some of the air within and hold it just above the yolk, gently touching it – not enough to break it, just so that it seems to kiss the egg yolk.
3. Now gently release the squeeze and the silicone bulk will suck the yolk right up into the bulb.
4. Transfer to another bowl by squeezing the bulb again to pop out the yolk. At this stage, the yolk does sometimes break, as it is only surface tension holding it together, instead of the sticky albumen.

Keep going by removing the yolks one by one and be amazed at how quick and easy it is. Separating eggs just got a whole lot cleaner.

 Egg Separator