chiffon cake mold heart-shaped
chiffon cake pan heart-shaped
chiffon cake mold heart-shaped
chiffon cake mold heart-shaped
6 inch cake pan heart-shaped
8 inch cake pan heart-shaped

Heart-shaped chiffon cake mold baking pan

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Heart-shaped Chiffon Cake Mold 

This Heart-shaped chiffon baking pan has a removable base which makes it easier for you to unmould.
You can use it for Chiffon cake/Cheesecake/mousse cake/any butter. 

Material: Aluminium Alloy 

Size measurement as shown in picture.

Wash and care instructions:

  1. First usage, soak mould in soapy water, rinse and towel dry.
  2. After baking, soak mould in soapy water and use a sponge to wash the mould. Rinse and towel dry before storage.
  3. DO NOT use sharp object to scrap or clean the mould.

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