Japanese cut-out Cookie mold cookie press set
cookie press set
16 styles Cookie molds
16 styles cookie press cookie molds
16 styles Japanese cookie molds set

Japanese cut-out Cookie mold cookie press set

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Japanese cut-out Cookie set

Cute Japanese cut-out cookie set that you can use your imagination to create cute cookies for your child. Other than Cookies, you can also use these moulds on Fondant or Marzipans. Or to use them to shape your fruits and food.   Make a tray of agar-agar and use these moulds to cut into different mini cute shapes of agar-agar for your child's party. 

Start to get creative and get one set today. 


  • Size: as illustrated in the picture.
  • Set includes 1 recipe from the author.  Total 8 Moulds: Heart + star-shaped.  Rabbit Head (big & small) + Bear head (big and small). 

Cute Japanese Cookie Press or Cookie mould