4 inch round cake pan round chiffon baking tin
4 inch round cake pan
4 inch round tube cake pan
mini chiffon cake mold
mini 4 inch tube cake pan
4inch cake bundt mold
4inch tube bundt mold

4 inch round cake pan round chiffon baking tin


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4 inch Mini Round Cake Pan

Wanted to bake something sweet and cute for your kids/family? How about trying out using this cute 4 inch mini chiffon pan / bundt pan? 

● Fast heating: Less cooking time, better lock in the nutrients of food
● High strength: Strong material, superior performance in the oven, feel thicker on the hand
● Upgrade technology: Bottom and tube integrated structure, seamless connection, no residual debris
● High temperature resistance: No harmful substance precipitation, non-sticky superior performance
● Easy release: After slightly cooling, it can be easily demoulded. Maintaining the integrity and beauty of pastries
● Easy clean: Hand wash with warm soapy water, then wipe, and finally dry through oven