Sculpting Modeling Tools for Fondant or sugarcraft
8 pcs of fondant modeling tools
sugarpaste modeling sculpting tools,8pcs
8 pcs fondant modeling tools

Sculpting Modeling Tools for Fondant or sugarcraft

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Sculpting Modeling Tools Fondant

Whether you're a professional cake decorator or someone who is just starting to decorate your home bakes, this modeling tool (comes in 8 pieces) will help you frill, vein, smooth, emboss and shape your cakes, models and sugar flowers. These 8pcs set of Modeling Fondant Tools is used for shaping your fondant, marzipan, sugar paste/gum paste, cookies, royal icing or even for your chocolate modeling. They are great to sculpt and design every part of leaves, flowers, and other figures to provide the exceptional detail you desire in fondant, gum paste, royal icing or for chocolate modeling.


Type of tools included

  • Bone tool - Ideal for thinning & smoothing the edges of leaves, flower petals & frills. 
  • Blade & Shell tool - For creating simple embossed shell patterns & borders. 
  • Ball tool - An essential tool for flower modeling, used to cup & shape leaves
  • Scallop & Comb tool - Used to create features, also for marking & embossing a serrated design 
  • Serrated & Tapered Cone tool - Used to indent or emboss to create a cone-shaped hollow. 
  • Tapped Cones 5/6 Star tool - A simple star embosser and ideal for dividing petals 
  • Bulbulous Cone tool - a Versatile tool used to hollow & emboss shapes 
  • Flower/Leaf Shaper tool -  to smooth & flute the paste and veining on leaves.

  • Specification:
    Set of 8 modeling and sculpting tools come with a double end, so there are total 16 tools in each set, with an average length of 16cm for each tool.