Oven Thermometer
Oven Thermometer

High Heat Oven Thermometer-Simple

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High Heat Oven Thermometer

Keep food safe with this Oven Thermometer. 
This Oven Thermometer can be hung inside the oven or stood on a shelf to read the cooking temperature.
A useful item when you need to know the exact temperature of your oven.
Leave in for 10 minutes to read accurately and make sure you place it on a shelf in the middle of the oven.  Keep outside of the oven for storage.


  • Promotes food safety by giving an accurate temperature in your oven
  • Expect better baking results by knowing the actual temperature
  • A Clear marked thermometer that reads temperatures between 100°F (50°C) and 600°F (300°C) 
  • Fits all brands of electric and gas ovens
  • Color temperature indicators for easy identification
  • Hangs from oven rack or set pedestal on a rack

Oven Thermometer