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panda cookie cutters
panda cookie cutters
panda cookie cutters
Panda cookie cutters
Panda cookie cutters
Panda cookie cutters

Panda cookie cutters

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Panda cookie cutter set

This panda cookie set comes to life with all the different fun combination that can be created.

The Set includes 12 pieces ( 4 heads 4 bodies and 4 face expressions) which can be used together to create fun and cute panda food (eg, bread, cookies, fondant, ham etc).

Delight your party guests with this 3D Panda cookie set!

Material: High-quality plastic
Panda design: Smile, cheer, sit and hug

Size: 5 × 6 cm wide x 1.5 cm deep 1 X 4.5 X 3.5 cm head stamps.

Package includes: 4 sets of panda cookies cutter (total of 12pcs)

1. Press the black frames on pastry (darker colour) to cut out the shape of outer body.
2. Make face expression using the stamp on dough/pastry.
3. Use white frames to cut out the face and body on dough/pastry from step 2.
4. Place 3 (from step 3) onto 1 (from step1).
5. Bake in the oven.

panda cookie set