gumpaste flower drying stand
fondant flower,gum-paste holder stand
gumpaste flower drying stand
sugarcraft flower drying stand

Gum paste sugarcraft Flower Drying Holder

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Gum Paste Sugarcraft stand

This the Gum Paste Flower Stand allows your wired flowers, leaves, gumpaste items dry faster and enabling them to maintain the ideal shape and petal position.
Versatile support for your delicate sugarcraft flowers, butterflies or any other creations allowing them to dry safely.
With holes, slotted holes and slots, you can prop up, support, or hang your delicate creations while they dry. 
Form and shape realistic gum paste and fondant flowers with this Flower Wave Drying Rack.
The curved rack is great for shaping leaves and blooming flowers while the holes along the sides make it easy to dry hanging flowers.