Cake Palette Knife Stainless Steel
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6 inch palette knife
8 inch cake frosting knife

Cake Palette Knife Stainless Steel-6/8inch

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Cake Palette Knife Stainless Steel-6/8inch

This stainless steel cake palette knife is designed especially for the use of cake frosting.
Flexible and durable, perfect tool for icing desserts, frosting pastry, cookies, crepes, pies and cupcakes.
This palette knife comes with an angled blade that makes it super easy to ice or top a dessert in a pan, more flexible so that you can easily smooth out surface/edges quickly and efficiently.

Material: Stainless steel and wooden handle
Package: 2pcs/set
Size available: Either 6 inch or 8 inch per set.
Size measurement as shown in picture.

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