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50pcs pastry bags
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Disposable Pastry Piping Bags Icing Bags Free shipping
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100pcs pastry bags medium size

Disposable Pastry Piping Bags Icing Bags Free shipping

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Disposable Pastry Piping Bags Icing Bags

Disposable Pastry Piping Bags, perfect for both professional and home use. These piping bags are easy to handle, strong and flexible, ideal for instant pastry decorating.

- Made of non-slip, BPA-free LDPE plastic, non-toxic and tasteless. Durable and disposable, which eliminates messy cleanup.
- Clear polyethylene bags for quick icing color
- Anti-slip Texture: Textured surface makes it better to grip and feel nice to handle. 
- WORKS WITH ANY TIPS - Use these piping bags with large, medium, or small tips easily! Just snip the pointed end off of the bag, insert a tip and fill with frosting. Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow on your cakes and cupcakes when you use convenient pastry bags! 

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